Sir Gator Goforth of Wessex (sir_knight) wrote,
Sir Gator Goforth of Wessex

my adventure begins.

well, im heading out today. lots to say and just about zero time to say it. i am walking to the ocean, then to mendocino for the poetry reading. hopefully sleep somewhere safe. if you dont know yet my plan is to walk across the united states. i was surprised that tessa thought i would last three weeks. i thought she doubted me a lot more. perhaps i am a bit more grown up than she thinks i am. my dream would be to do it in three months, but 5 would be superb. just doing it is perfect. damnit! my scanner is busted. i was going to scan some drawings and poems and random pages from my journal and post them, but alas...

tessa: i love you. please believe me. i will keep that crystal over my heart for the rest of my life, no joke. and yes, i will die happy. i love you. dance for me like your mother used to.

hannah: i still wear that white thing you braided and then gave to me on january 2. i will wear it for the rest of my life.

jaya: thanks for the last three musical days here in willits. i am glad we colaborated and made a great song. i wouldnt have had it any other way. go get em, brother krshna.

thank you travis deuel and jack kerouac for giving me the courage to do this trip while wearing a snazzy thrift store suit.

damnit, gotta go buy some dehydrated foods and get out of here, the coyoties like to hunt in the afternoon, i need to get a jump on them.

if you want to contact me the best way is to mail my parents house. the address is 136 Mill Creek Dr. Willits, CA 95490. leaving a message on my cell wont work because i wont ever check the voice mail. so text messages are also a no. and no emails because i wont have a computer at my fingertips. i will read the mail when i get back. who knows? i might only be gone for three weeks because i might feel that i cant go on after a while.

what else to say? oh yeah, give me your address info, i will send a post card or a letter. the only problem is that i will not be able to check this, but tell me anyway just in case i find a computer.

um um um. not much else. thank you for being my friends and guiding lights in my life. be adventuresome and you too will find the quiet truth.

Happy trails,

Kyle Andrew Madrigal.

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