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salvia. life of a poet.

hey everybody. i left for the cross country road trip on saturday. i am in prescott arizona right now. today i think we are visiting annelises friend, alison, if she is cool with it. she lives in phoenix. there was a big fire blocking the highway to phoenix yesterday, but it is controlled and we can get there now. i have had a lot of adventures thus far in las vegas and utah and arizona. this trip is deffinetly worth it so far. i was dreading the south, but now i want to spend most of my time there, i dont know why. i didnt update for a while and since my last post i can now say that i am getting a book published. rainy day women press (an independent publishing house) is going to make a book of my work. it will be composed entirely of poetry i write on this trip. i am armed with loads of paper and a typewriter and ideas out my ass. i feel just like a beat. a new generation. armed with cell phones and laptops. kinda makes me sad that some on the group dont want to be uber hardcore, but oh well. just shows how different and more convenience oriented most of this generation is compared to the beats.

gotta go.

pray that we dont die and we continue on this introspective drug haze lightning fast spiritual gevalia trip.
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