Sir Gator Goforth of Wessex (sir_knight) wrote,
Sir Gator Goforth of Wessex


lumin and i finally did it. we researched the frequencies to get to the astral plane. we found a place that said to do a frequency of 282.4 Hz for 45 minutes and 7.5 minutes in you need to introduce "voice 2" which is 432 Hz. you slowly introduce voice two and have it fully introduced with "voice one" at 11.5 minutes. travis lumin and i did it together. if one of us freaked out two others would be there to help out. travis slept, lumin didnt get much, and i kinda lucid dreamt, but i wasnt dreaming, and right at 32 minutes i got this weird 3d vision that was uber symmetrical and a bright silver "X" appeared right in the middle. i was able to crawl through this green symmetrical tie-dye vision, but then the frequencies stopped.

so that was my sweet shtuff.

i will try again.

going to cala foods to get cake mix with lumin.


walking rocks, by the way.

i am walking to new york soon.

that means i am moving out of san francisco.

damnit! gotta go.
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