Sir Gator Goforth of Wessex (sir_knight) wrote,
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woke up at tobys parents on his hard wood floor. rode with mike davis to high school. walked home. went to sf. picked up belongings in house. left to willits. waited for jillian to get to town so we could go camping and walk to the ocean. didnt end up happening. she said she would call me when something was happening, cause we were gonna hang out. that didnt end up happening. i knew what was happening. i got stood up. so i walked around town and played guitar for hours. broke a string. played in the post office. saw wes wentworth there. walked around somemore. saw sam layton and his lady. saw ezma buying bacon and milk. yuk. hugged her. watched drunk people fight and yell. pissed on a trash can. saw three ladies drive by, i knew what was happening. walked around a bit more. wrote a note. walked home. sat at computer for long time.

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