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six oh three, nine.

long story, short post.

so i leave and hike from my house to sherwood road. if you dont know, it goes to the ocean. i got a couple little rides on my way. then i finally get to the point where there is a gate and the real fun begins. it was later in the day by the time i got there. it said 24 miles to the ocean so i thought no big deal. for some reason the mile markers said it was 33 miles though. anyway, i hike and the first couple miles is uphill, no big deal. but at about mile marker 1 i get my first hallucination. i thought i saw an animal walking on the road. i hadnt slept for two days and i hadnt ate much but a burrito for the day. so i knew i was hallucinating. walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk walk. take some pictures of a great view. walk walk walk walk walk. i start hearing people talk. i see people hiding behind trees. i hear wild boars snorting. i see them in bushes with their crazy tusks. i hear mountain lions growling. horses? what is this? 2 girls singing? what was that! crap running off the road! i start singing out loud so i dont hear all the crazy shit i thought i was hearing. walk walk walk sing sing sing. i cried because i came up with some prety true lyrics and some sad lyrics. fucking damien rice voice. i hate it. one of his songs came up the night before at like 3 in the morning and it got stuck in my head so i sang that melody with my own lyrics. closer. i stop singing after a bit. more crazy things happen. BATS! more singing to get that shit out of my head. take a break at mile marker 9 cause something was sticking me in my foot. more walking. i said i should go two more miles and stop because there wouldnt be enough light. i end up making it to mile marker 15. i make a huge fire. i call naomi saying i dont need a ride because i will get there on my own. write in my journal with a great fire. i start hearing those damn cougars again. i see it like 20 feet away. it is crouched low to the ground. i get out a steak knife and i stick that is on fire. i yell at the fucker to bring it on. COME ON, BITCH! BRING IT ON! as i throw more wood on the fire it gets brighter. i see that the cougar was merely a little manzanita 18 inches high. the angel floating behind him was only a fallen tree. write in journal a bit more. barefoot. warm. drip. a rain drop!? shit! the rain starts hitting the fire and i can see the black circles left by the cold rain drops. it sure is windy. im gonna hit the sack. i have a tarp to cover me, so i use it. starts raining like a mother fucker. turns out the tarp isnt water proof. fuck. i have two friends that i talk to that are making fun of me. an army lieutenent with a big grey mustache and a helmet and a monkey. i am being told to join the army and they say i am an idiot for being caught in the rain and for not looking at the forecast. i yell at them to shut the fuck up. suddenly a flash flood comes from no where. a wall of fucking water. it is all the fault of some bush. i know it. i am now completely water logged. i get out and yell fuck. i scream at the gods. i put on a poncho and take the steak knife to that little bush and chop it down. it is 2 in the morning and it is pitch black. the road is muddy as a fuck, my shoes have zero tread. no flash light. nothing but super wet gear. everything weighs twice as much. that, and i havent slept for days. i decide to call my parents to let them know what is up. they freak and want to pick me up. the gates are closed and they cant get on the road. they freak. yada yada yada. i make a shelter and try to stay warm for as long as possible. the decide to call up search and rescue at 4. i didnt want them to. search and rescue makes it to the gate at 4:30. i am 15 miles away from them and shivering like a mother fucker. raining like a bitch. i am hallucinating too. two baby dinosaurs are walking around me. i can hear them. every now and then i break out of my shelter and yell to scare them off. little fuckers. dont fuck with me. each time they get closer and closer. i stand on the road at 5:30. i end up standing there untill 9 in the morning. some lizards are running across the road. bears are all around me. i call naomi at about 7:02 in the morning and tell her i will need the ride to mendocino. when it was bright enough for me to see what is around me i look at my hands. they are purple. my veins were tiny. nonexistant. my arms were purple blue. my lips were grey ish. i realized i hadnt been shivering for a long time. i couldnt feel my feet. wet fucking converse feet. i got worried because if search and rescue was comming since 4:30 why werent they here yet? i thought they might be on a different road than i because there are some other roads to that you can go down that look like the main road. shit. i call up the dispatcher and she tells me that they are at mile marker 8. the mud was so shitty that they were stuck way out there. FUCK! i yelled. they were going slower than just walking. i say fuck it and i am gonna walk towards them. i change my socks. fuck, my feet are fucked up. i breathe on them. no steam is comming from my breath. i have to be cold. at least my body is shivering again. i finally put on sock on. then another. then i drag my heavy gear into the road. shit. it is so muddy. i cant walk. i am starting to get really tired. i have almost been falling asleep the whole night. even while standing in the road i almost fall asleep. i made myself not sleep the whole time. but now it was hard. i hear something. i didnt believe it. i couldnt. the whole night i saw headlights and tail lights and i heard vehicles comming and going and search and rescue crews with dogs. i couldnt believe it this time. but it was true. a man on a quad came. he drives up and says "are you kyle?" and i say "yes" "you are killing me" he says. i shake his hand and we load up my shit. i left my jug of water behind. i wish they brought me a blanket or something, but no. nothing. there was no room for me so i sat on the cargo holder on the back. i got covered in mud. my feet and legs were soaked and caked with mud. cold winds in my face. adreneline pumping. body shaking. laughing out loud. mud in face. poncho aflapping. puddles puddles puddles. brown rain. i kept on thinking how cool and worth it this was because i got to ride on an atv. all my friends are at school or sleeping and i am boon doggin it for seven miles at nine in the morning. we make it to mile marker 8 and there is 2 white trucks stuck in the mud. they had the quad the whole time and didnt use it till i called the dispatcher and yelled fuck. i was pissed. anyway. i get home. getting sick. temperature rising. go to poetry slam. willits rocked over everybody. stupid judges. giving them third. lame ass. seven points.

whatever. raise your helm. gonna hang with jillian and naomi now.

oh yeah. my parents wont be here today or tomorrow which means

party at my house!


just like any other day.

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