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sad space cowboys.

read poetry at mama java. i was kinda sad because naomi and jillian werent there. i was standing there, the only youth, and i tell them this is my first poetry reading and they all scream and clap. it felt great. then jillian and naomi walk in right before i start reading. it was perfect. i felt really powerful reading my poetry to adults. my performance was sub par because i didnt look up (i didnt want to lose my place or mess up on any words), but it still felt powerful to me. then sarah and her sister came. it was great to have a super influx of youth read some poetry. some lady said "you're the poop" to me. she was bald and smoke ciggarettes.

today i wandered with jillian for a bit. ate at ardellas. it was my first time since january 6th 2005. that time in january didnt really count anyway. played tennis with her family. wandered more. hung out with a multitude of friends. wander. that is about it.

i want to go to mexico tomorrow or today, rather. hopefully rob gets my message. he invited me to come since he has an extra seat. i have been debating it and i have decided i want to go. too bad i just decided. he is most likely sleeping because he will wake early. maybe he already gave up the seat to somebody else. whatever happens is supposed to happen, anyway. i just want to get more life experiences for poetry. i figure i can make a few good poems about adventures i have in mexico and the way to and from.

i guess i will take a shower now and meditate then get some winky shut eye.

i am finally going to climb mount saint hedren at the end of this month. i am so stoked. i have been planning it for 2 years now. woohooo!

going now.

i feel empty for some reason. seperated. alone. alone. alone.

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