Sir Gator Goforth of Wessex (sir_knight) wrote,
Sir Gator Goforth of Wessex

50 Miles East Of Coachella or Threeps.

ROYGBIV? bullshit!
how can they dissect your beauty into seven colors?
you are what i felt in the high desert.
intense beauty explosion.
reciprocation in your face from mine shining.

there i saw two, more true than words ever uttered by any street guru.
you and i living in all of our glories.
sprawled over rolling weeds and joshua trees.
hitching with mexican liberals. 17 cousins fighting iraqi. three dead.
finding true america.

i found you in the high desert.
i found you alive and well.
i found you cantillating the ethereal opus appoggiatura serenely to mountain tops cosmos.

you found me in the high ride passenger side 18 wheeler carrying 40,000 pounds of detergent to Irvine.
you found me after i was scared for my life in small town drug pushing gun in face mexico.
you found me weak, emaciated, tired, scared and you comforted me. you showed me the truth.
the quiet truth.
the truth is so quiet that nobody can comprehend in this ramified reality.
even words are too vicissitudinous.

thank you krshna-buddha-christ energy
for blowing that cool breeze in my face,
for appearing as deity rainbows,
for showing the truth to all souls willing to listen.

thank you for april 5, 2005, 2:41 P.M.

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